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Success Stories: Expansion

Human Resources 501c6 Association with 200 members

This organization utilizes Executive Director services with AMC. AMC consulted with the organization to add member benefits and create additional revenue sources.

Membership benefits:

  • In 2016 attendance for the organization’s courses (their main revenue generator) decreased dramatically. The change in attendance was due to member companies cutting back on the number of courses employees could attend. AMC suggested offering scholarships to help members gain their certification faster and value their membership.
  • AMC helped the organization co program with other human resource organizations in Houston to attract new members and foster networking.
  • To help encourage meeting participation, AMC offered the implementation of HRCI and SHRM credit hours for monthly meetings.

Revenue generators:

  • AMC advocated to bring more certification courses to Houston to allow members to not incur travel costs to earn their designation. This brings an average of $5,000 in revenue per class to the chapter.
  • Due to the gain in popularity of online courses, AMC suggested an annual sponsorship program that has brought in over $30,000 in additional revenue for the organization each year.

AMC suggested utilizing the built in job board feature on the organization’s website as an additional revenue stream which has paid for their website costs and garnered posted jobs over 400 clicks per month.

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