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Success Story: Cost Saving Analysis

Real Estate 501c3 Association with 500 members

This organization went from a staff of three with an office to Chapter Manager level service with AMC. AMC was able to analyze their website, email, and database system to show inefficiency and cost savings. The client was able to save $2,031 annually in this one area.

Website Cost Analysis
Use Vendor Monthly Annually
Membership Database Wild Apricot  $    1,200.00
Emails and Surveys Constant Contact  $     115.50  $    1,386.00
Website Sinnaps  $        540.00
Domains  Hosted by Sinnapps  $        105.00
Overall Total  $    3,231.00
Potential Vendor and Costs
Website, Emails, Surveys, Database, Domain Star Chapter  $     100.00  $    1,200.00
Overall Total  $    1,200.00

Moving to AMC also saved costs on their T1 phone line, internet and IT support for a total of $16,224 in annual cost savings.

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